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    Monday Morning Picture Blend #590

    Boredom Killer Hope your weekend was epic enough to power you through these next five days. Let’s kick things off with another of our infamous picture blends below: Ouch..She didn’t even change clothes I miss this guy Tough Start Nailed It Good Morning Yes Please Monday Mood 😂😂😂 This Guy Seems like a good deal […]

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    Remembering Actor Bill Paxton

      Bill Paxton, who starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of the 1980s and ’90s and kicked off a new TV series just weeks ago, has passed away.  On Sunday a family representative announced that the iconic actor had died from complications of  heart surgery at the age of 61. Some of the films in which […]

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    Rider Shows Off Bike Tricks In Traffic Jam

    When you’re stuck in traffic the last thing you want is to watch someone zooming around on their motorcycle. But that’s exactly what happened to a bunch of drivers stuck in traffic in  Ho, Ghana. One talented biker decided it was the right time to show off his tricks. So he put on a show […]

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