Thrill Blender

Check Out This Lavish Mexican Drug Cemetery

awesome root beer bottle on tesla coil

Root Beer Bottle On A Tesla Coil Produces Awesome Visual

the ultimate bug zapper

Dude Builds A 50,000V Bug Zapper! Feel Like Zeus While Destroying Every Insect In Sight!

Interesting facts about artist Bob Ross

Facts About The Most Chill Artist Ever – Bob Ross

Unique Words And Their Definitions

There Is A Word For Everything

Two Conjoined Twins Explain How They Drive

Life by the numbers

Life By The Numbers

In Tokyo It’s Almost Impossible To Get Your Hands On A Gun.

beer me with drone

“Beer Me”.. The Lazy Way

Sunday Scare: Zombie Painting Halloween Prank

impressive right turn by 200 foot long truck

Check Out This 200 Foot Long Truck Pull Off A Smooth Right Turn Without Destroying A Thing.

Suffering From Inner Demons? Then This “Body Of Souls” Costume Is Right Up Your Alley.

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