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You Can Drop $11,000 On A Toilet That Does Basically Everything But Poop For You!

Ski Lift Malfunctions Flinging Skiers Through The Air!

Flashback Friday: Defendant Collapses In Court After Guilty Verdict

Friday Flashback: Dude Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge!

Friday Flashback: 5 Scariest Booby Traps of the Vietnam War

study reveals space genes

Year In Space Changes Genes For One Twin

spider bites tongue

What Happens When A Spider Bites Your Tounge? (Gross Pics)

College Pedestrian Bridge Collapses Killing 4 People


The 25 Strangest Things Left In An Uber Last Year

Make-Up Artist Mimi Choi’s Work Will Blow Your Mind!

pro ball player fired

Pro Baseball Player Cut After Domestic Assault Video Leaks

Gang Member Shot In Federal Court After Attempting To Attack Testifying Witness!

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