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limbo fail video

Limbo Is Hard…er… When Drunk

Slackline FAIL

Gross: How Do You Let Your Toenails Get THIS BAD 🤢

5 Times Scamming Went Wrong

Defensive coach for the Miami Dolphins, Chris Foerster Doing Lines!

dan bilzerian fail

Footage Emerges Of Dan Bilzerian Asking Cop For A Gun To “Help” ಠ_ಠ Cop Responds “Get The F*ck Away From Me”

Dumbo Must Be Steering This Disney Cruise Ship 🤦

robbery fail

Tables Turned; Robbery Suspect Becomes Victim!

35-Year-Old Man Is Playing Superhero And Making His Parents Life A Living Hell!

Flight Attendant Fired For “BBC” Rant About Nigerian Passengers!

This Horrible AC Repair Would Be Funny If The Contractor Didn’t Actually Expect To Get Paid ಠ_ಠ

funny drinking fails videos

Alcohol And Stupidity Go Hand In Hand Most Times 🍺

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