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Cranky Old Dude Throws Coffee Into The Face Of Man

bigot attacks

Racist Man Attacks Asian Passenger On Train

football fight

Fight Breaks Out In Stands During The Broncos Vs Patriots Game!

Schoolyard Scrap. Look At The Size Of This Kid?

Mafia Dude Headbutts The Brain Cells Out Of Reporter!

Bottle To The Face Ends Fight 🤕

Two Ladies Get Into Subway Skirmish. The End Is Hilarious 😂

Ladies, Don’t EVER Jump In The Middle Of A Fight 🤕

French Rugby Players Can’t Seem To Talk Things Out

Woman Delivers Smackdown To Drunk Husband

Daaaammmnnn – Father Catches Dude In Bed With His 13-Year-Old Daughter. Delivers A Swift Ass Whooping 🤕

funny fight

Brazilian Fight Has A Lot Of Theatrics

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