Thrill Blender

Watch This – You Have Something In Your Hair – Prank!

Dude Must Choose Between Beer Or Nachos While Fending Off Crazy Chick 😁

drinking fail video

Some People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Drink 🍺

LOL: Curb Your Sovereignty!

I Want Whatever This Guy’s Drinking.

This Is How You Die In Your Sleep.

Dude Picks Up Two Women At The Gym – Literally!

funny drinking fails videos

Alcohol And Stupidity Go Hand In Hand Most Times 🍺

funny fitness video

Move Over Shake Weight, There Is A New Hilarious Piece Of Fitness Equipment!

What’s Trending On Youtube? The Latest Edition Of Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets!

funny military video - don't fall asleep or get trolled

It’s Best Not To Fall Asleep Around Your Buds When You’re In The Military 😂

drunk walk home

Dude Fights An Uphill Battle After Leaving The Pub Drunk In The Rain 😂

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