Thrill Blender

People Are Eating Gross Insects In The “Bush Tucker Challenge”

This Large Huntsman Spider Cleaning Its Fangs Is The Most Terrifying Thing You Will See Today.

Horrific plane crash on California freeway captured on CCTV

close call on the job police

Cop Narrowly Avoids Taking A Shotgun Blast To The Face

Close Call At The Shooting Range

car stunt close call

Bailey Payne Has An Extremely Close Call While Attempt To Flip Over A Speeding Car!

women fight off store robbery

Women Fight Off Convenience Store Robbery

Robber Attempts A Snatch & Run But FAILS.

Teen Shot Inside Airport Terminal. Suspect Claims Self Defense.

Customers Has Boiling Oil Thrown At Them For Complaining About The Food

This Close Call Is A Butt Clencher! Watch This Truck Narrowly Avoid Hitting A Child.

man leaps to death

Man falls to death jumping from a window after he was caught touching a child

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