Thrill Blender

Idiot Turns Himself Into A Human Fireball For Friends Entertainment!

messed up Guy Runs Over Aventador SV - Gets Tossed

Guy Runs On The Top Of An Aventador SV – Gets Tossed

They Don’t Call This “The Devil’s Wheel” For Nothing.

saving the day

Land Cruiser Pushes Burning Car Away And More In Today’s Viral Clip Blend

why are female teachers having sex with their students

The Perverse Reason More And More Female Teachers Are Having Sex With Students

Circus Bear Rushes Handler During Show!

Supermarket Robbery Attempt Foiled By Shoppers

drunk dude tossed off l train after racial tirade video

Watch This Video Of A Drunk Man’s Racial Outburst On L Train. Passengers Respond In Kind.

Con Artists Turn $4 Transaction Into $2100!

impressive right turn by 200 foot long truck

Check Out This 200 Foot Long Truck Pull Off A Smooth Right Turn Without Destroying A Thing.

officers pat down goes overboard in this video

DC Police Officer Performs Free Public Prostate Exam While Frisking Suspect ­čś▓

This Might Be The Scariest Base Jump Exit Ever ­čś▓

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