cop vs cop fight

Well this sucked. Cop in an unmarked car who has a vehicle pulled over, then gets approached by a uniformed officer and all hell breaks loose. The uniformed officer has a valid concern because the other cop was driving a minivan with no clear identification. There are many thieves who pretend to be undercover cops and get away with it, only to be pursued after the fact. However, the first cop on the scene didn’t take too kindly to his authority being questioned. This gave me anxiety just watching it, for a second I was sure someone was gonna throw a punch.  Watch the tempers flare up at the 6:33 mark if you want to skip straight to the juicy part.

  • DERP

    same sad douchebag bullies that got C averages in high school. Now they are all grown up and policemen.

  • joe800

    Trooper is wrong. Once he Id’d the undercover, his job is over. Leave the real officers to do police work and go write a ticket.

  • Catgravy

    Sounds like a very corrupt police force.

  • Dan on the River

    Jersey’s finest at work.