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Gun Fails & More In Today’s Viral Clip Blend 🎬

Step Inside One Man’s Gun Room And Listen To The Stories Behind His Epic Gun Collection!

Check Out The Most Painful Airsoft Gun In Existence!

fold up glock

Check Out This Fold Up Glock 🔫

Fire 700 Rounds Through A SAW with a Suppressor And This Is What Happens…

Size Doesn’t Matter…When It Comes To This Gun!

Now You Don’t Even Have To Pull The Trigger – The Auto Glove Will Do It For You ಠ_ಠ 🔫

This Little Girl Goes By The Nickname “The Firearm Princess” 🔫

Watch The Worlds Fastest Reload! 🔫

Don’t Blink Or You Might Miss It. Watch The World’s Fastest Reload! 🔫

Friday Free-For-All: G.R.T Blend= Guns, Rumps, Tease

Check Out 5 Unusual Alternative Guns.

Close Call: Dude Shoots Fridge Filled With Explosives And Is Almost Killed By The Shrapnel! 💥💥💥