Mansfield firefighter takes down armed robber

Mansfield firefighter takes down armed robber

This off duty Mansfield firefighter is a true Thrill Blender. Daniel Gaskey was in a convenience store when he heard a man enter and say, “This is going to be quick and easy, give me the money.” Daniel stepped in and physically stopped the armed robber from getting anything “quick and easy”. On the contrary he got a long hard struggle and a one way trip to jail.  It is easy to cower in the presence of danger but it takes a serious set of stones to place yourself in harms way to help others. It’s fitting that his job is a firefighter, he is used to running towards danger and not in the opposite direction. It’s also worth noting Gaskey is a Marine veteran, who served in Iraq from 2005–2006. Thrill Blender salutes you big D. Keep living a life worthy of praise.

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  • Daniel Barger

    Brave yes…..smart, NO! Going up against an armed person hand to hand is extremely risky.
    It’s a good way to get shot. It’s not something one should do unless your life is at risk. Even armed a bad guy can still kill you even if you kill them.

    • http://thrillblender.com/ ThrillBlender.Com

      Daniel we have to agree with you. All are valid points. This situation happened to work out positively but it could have gone the other way. Luckily it didn’t.