Man starts gas station blaze trying to kill spider with lighter


This guy really, really, really hates spiders. So much so that he actually set a gas station on fire in an attempt to kill the 8 legged monster. The Michigan man tried to kill a spider at a gas station using a lighter causing a dangerous fire.The plan backfired as the entire gas pump was quickly engulfed in flames. Luckily the man ( who must suffer from arachnophobia) wasn’t injured. The spider and gas pump were not so lucky. Later the man admitted  he’s deathly afraid of spiders so when he saw one in his gas tank he thought burning it with his lighter was a wise decision. You can see how that worked out for him in the video below:


  • TheDude

    Darwin’s Law failed this time. I have no doubt it will eventually catch up with him.

    • ThrillBlender.Com

      TheDude… we must agree with you my man. It’s only a matter of time.