Graphic Body Cam Captures Moment Dog Bites Man In Face


This video will probably make you cringe. Martin Lee Hoogveldt, 33, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the West Jordan Police after he was mauled by their K9 cop. In the footage that you are about to watch Martin was ordered to put both of his hand up and he complied with the officers demands. Then without warning the officer releases the K9 which goes straight for Martin’s face and clamps down. You can hear the pain in Martins moans:

“I was just in shock the whole time,” Hoogveldt said.  “I did nothing but try to make it easy for them. I thought I would not be a threat sitting down.”

This all started when Hoogveldt burned a Christmas tree in his backyard. This brought police officers to his residence on a disturbing-the-peace complaint, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court.  After Hoogveldt walked back into his house, he saw that three West Jordan officers had surrounded the home — one in the backyard, a second outside his kitchen window and a third outside the front door. The first two had their guns pointed at him, while the one at his door had a German shepherd on a leash.  Adams, who had the dog, ordered Hoogveldt to open the front door or it would be kicked in.  “Hoogveldt was afraid to move for fear that he would be shot by the two officers holding guns on him,” the complaint reads. Instead, he told the officers, “I’m scared, I don’t dare move,” and sat down on a couch, the complaint adds. Adams eventually kicked the door open and the other officers followed him in the rest you can watch below and form your own opinion:

Graphic Body Cam Captures Moment Dog Bites Man In Face