Ronda Rousey Breaks Big Mouth Reporters Ribs For Smart Ass Comment..


Fighter Ronda Rousey vs Reporter Aaron Tru

UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey vs Man Busted Ribs ORIGINAL

We are huge fans of Ronda Rousey over here at the Blender and we know what this bad ass judoka is capable of.  So when this reporter uttered the phrase “I don’t think you have enough strength and can compete with a man”, we laughed our ass off at his idiocy. Those words sealed reporter Aaron Tru’s fate. Ronda laughed it off but then demonstrated a judo throw which she did not hold back on. Although i’m pretty certain Aaron was joking he instantly regretted his words. Watch his reaction after the throw when he feels the impact and thinks he has broken ribs 🙂 .