“Stop a Douchebag”


“Stop a Douchebag” Ep.23 – The Leningrader

"Stop a Douchebag" Ep.23 - The Leningrader

You may never have heard about the stop a douchebag movement, so let us enlighten you. The “Stop a Douchebag” crew – is a Russian youth movement that attempts to enforce the road traffic regulations in Russia. In Russia. I had to repeat that because Russia is the home of crazy dash cam footage and beatdowns galore. Actually the U.S. ain’t squeaky clean either, it just seems Russia gets more of the youtube love when it comes to videos with road chaos. These teens thought it would be a good idea to convince drivers of double-parked cars in St. Petersburg to go and look for a proper parking spots. Some complied but of course there were those who just wanted the kids to f*ck off.  This is where the magic happens as they say. The teens would put a  sticker on the cars’ windshields. Then the fireworks would start. Check out the video below

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