Teen’s Boyfriend Spotted Brain Tumor Over Facetime

teen saved from brain tumor by facetime


During a Facetime chat, 19 year-old Megan Barker’s boyfriend pointed out that her eyes looked “uneven.” Barker, a UK travel agent,  chalked the drooping eyelid up to drinking alcohol and thought nothing of it. Three weeks later, all of Megan’s family at her Christmas dinner noticed a change in her appearance that she just couldn’t ignore anymore.


Shortly thereafter, CT scans and X-rays revealed a tumor pressing on her left eye socket that would ultimately impair her vision. Just last month, Megan had Bifrontal Craniotomy surgery. Barker details, “They pulled my skin from my face down, cut the top part of my skull out, reconstructed the socket, took the mass and the sinus out, and then put the skull back together with pins.”


teen saved from brain tumor by facetime


Barker is home recovering now and hopes sharing her story will encourage others to take note of any changes in their body seriously.