If you are one of those people who have only one boxing fight on their mind (Paquiao vs Mayweather) don’t forget there is other action out there if you search for it. Terence Crawford is the next big star in boxing; we are calling it here at Thrill Blender, and we are in good company along with legendary fight promoter Bob Arum. The Pro Boxer is  in the light-welterweight division but not afraid to jump up in weight as he has done. He is undefeated as a professional and is a former WBO Lightweight champion. Hailing from Omaha, NE , standing 5’8 and only 27, this young man is a beast in the ring. Watching him fight is truly like watching poetry in motion.  On Saturday April 18th he has another scheduled fight in Texas and even though I’m a much bigger mixed martial arts fan at this point in my life, Terence is the reason we should all be watching boxing Saturday. Check out what Arum had to say about the upcoming fighter and then get a sample of his skills in the video below:

“We think Terence is the next big star in boxing. He hits with power. He’s a very talented fighter, very articulate and intelligent in and out of the ring. But Dulorme will be a real test for him. It is a step up in class for Terence. Dulorme has some size advantage and can just bang hard. Crawford reminds me a lot of [former Fort Worth great] Donald Curry, in that Curry was such a great boxer and big puncher. Donald beat everyone until he got caught up in lot of crazy stuff. But before that, he was tremendous. Terence is much more grounded in that sense, but their styles are very similar. I don’t know that the weight differential means much, but style always makes fights. I see confidence in Terence that he’s shown the ability to handle punches and handle bigger guys. Dulorme might hit a punching bag harder, but I think that Terence has the boxing skill to deal with it.”

 Watch some of the best moments of the 2014 Fighter of the Year, Terence Crawford. Crawford vs. Dulorme will be televised as part of a split site doubleheader on Saturday, April 18 live on HBO, beginning at 9:45 p.m. ET/PT.

Greatest Hits: Terence Crawford

We are giving him the Thrill Blender seal of approval. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy mates.

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