This Puzzle Is Seriously – ‘Pure Hell’

hardest puzzle ever - the pure hell puzzle




Do you like challenges and still have a full head of hair?  If so, get ready to put your brain power to the test. Pure Hell is a fustrating puzzle made up of extra tiny pieces that are all the same solid color.  Yeah, it will drive even the most focused of us mad.  Spend from $20-$30 on Amazon and you too can drive yourself crazy. But don’t take our word for it, just read some of the reviews:


hardest puzzle ever - the pure hell puzzle


“This puzzle is the Devil reincarnated into an inanimate object! If you don’t read an updated review from me within 6 months please send help!” – Alessandra B.


“Seventeen months so far, one wife, two jobs and two almost girlfriends (sort of). Seven thousand dollars worth of delivery food, twelve boxes of fingertip bandages and all the hope and prayers I could muster. Still, after all that, I have a side and a half complete. Kill me, someone, please…What fun!…really…” –  Todd L.


“I bought this puzzle because my team at work was going through one 1000 piece puzzle a week. This puzzle stopped them dead in their tracks. They managed about 10 connections over the course of a month, after they separated the pieces into quarter puzzles based on the pattern on the back. They eventually gave up and got back to work,” – That Fancy Fish


hardest puzzle ever - the pure hell puzzle

If you give it a try, let us know how it works out for you.