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funny viral video blend

Gun Fails & More In Today’s Viral Clip Blend 🎬

bogus injury video

Day Laborer Has Bogus Injury. The Whole Thing Is Caught On Camera!

European Cop In Extra Small Shirt Has Trouble Breaking A Window 😂

Instant Karma: Dudes Laughing At Driver’s Misfortune Get Served Their Just Desserts !

😂 A Video Blend Sure To Tickle Your Taint ( 4 Videos) 😂

Bruh… Louisiana Tech Epic 87 Yard Fumble

Nice Snatch… Fail

Woman Faceplants During Failed Rope Swing.

Who’s Dad Is This? 😆

Rich Asian Dude Crashes His Car. His Russian Sidepiece Wasn’t Dressed For The Occasion.

Drunk Dude Jumps In Front Of Car With Pants Down Around His Ankles?! ಠ_ಠ

Worst. Disguise. EVER! 😆😆😆