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Thursday Trifecta: The Nitrous Chair, Ultimate W.O.F FAIL, and Mr. Touchy-Feely.

Hahahah 😂 Burglars Caught Red Handed. Their Reaction Is Priceless 😂

“Did You Mean To Do That?” This Guy Should NOT Be A Gun Instructor!

These Are The 10 Biggest Wastes Of Money In History 💸

Uber Driver Flips Out After Dealing With Inebriated Girl

When Showing Off Goes Wrong: Mustang Driver Loses Control Of Car In Front Of Cops!

Kid Feels Disrespected At Jewelry Store. Comes Back Trying To Flex New Chain. ಠ_ಠ

Using A Hot Kim Kardashian Doppelgänger To See If Your Boyfriend Will Cheat On You Is Not A Smart Idea.

Feel Good Clip Of The Day: Gas Station Robbery In Puerto Rico Goes Horribly Wrong For Thief.

Idiot: Chicago Man Who Received $25 Million For Wrongful Conviction Is Headed Back To Jail.

KFC Should Stick To Chicken. Will You Try Their Disgusting Looking “Clean Eating Burger” 🤢

Serious WTF Video: Woman Asks Drunk Friends To Break Her Leg ಠ_ಠ