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pizza slap knockout

Pizza Slap Delivery Gets A Return KO Punch!

Everybody Fights

Oops: Dude Accidentally KO’s Girl With Case Of Beer 🤕

UPS workers stop beatdown

UPS Workers Stop Violent Assault In Cali 🤕

Break Out Your Popcorn For This Battle Of Bikers Vs Hillbillies 🤕

9 Out Of 10 Doctors Don’t Approve Of Using Your Cast To KO Someone In A Fight 😲

Quick Scrap In Hawaii Ends Respectfully.

Woman Has The Breaks Beat Off Of Her In Hotel Lobby.

Nobody Is Getting F*cked On The Subway As Long As This Passenger Is Around!

Food Fight…Actually, Mostly Just Fight.

One Armed Man Sneaks In Some Vicious Kicks Resulting In KO!

Guy Takes On Two Men Back To Back And Handles Them Using Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling!