What age do you believe a child should begin to deal with a firearm? Well one father (who is a professional firearms instructor) feels that his five year old son is ready to handle a real pistol. This is what he had to say about the video below:

He has been taught the fundamentals of gun handling, marksmanship and safety for more than 2 years. His training started with toy guns, to airsoft training weapon systems and has graduated to his first actual pistol. I have owned firearms for 40 years and have carried them in my career and trained other personnel in the US and abroad for 30 years.


There was a very important disclaimer on the video that read:

For those inspired by this video to train your children in the use of firearms, please recognize that this child has been trained by a professional for more than 2 years prior to handling an actual firearm. Safety should always be paramount in firearms training!

What do you guys think ?

  • Daniel Barger

    This is a dangerous and bad idea on the part of the adult. While it is possible to teach physical
    skills to children that age it is simply NOT POSSIBLE for them to grasp ALL of the possible outcomes of their actions. We can teach kids to drive at 10 but we don’t let them till they are older….because children are easily distracted and don’t grasp what may happen if they make
    an error. Children don’t know what dead is. They know the words but simply cannot grasp
    the full meaning of the concept. So teaching a child gun safety is a good idea….teaching them
    to grab a gun, move on a target and shoot is a BAD idea as they don’t know when such actions are necessary or not. A lot of people, adults included know ‘how’……many of them, adults included never fully grasp the concept of ‘when to’ or ‘when not to’.