UFC VET Josh Neer Beats Up a Lesser Trained Fighter and Takes its to Far?


That message above was written by  internet troll Patrick Martin, he was egging fighter Josh Neer on so the two could fight. Apparently the troll had been harassing fighter Neer for a couple of months and he recently challenged Neer to a fight. That wasn’t such a smart idea as Josh took him up on the offer and opened a can of :


I don’t really understand what this troll thought was going to happen. Actually I do understand, he thought he would actually win?! Now there seems to be an uproar that Josh took it to far. Well it was a full contact fight and the troll ASKED for it. Watch the footage below and see what you think but c’mon this guy really, really, really asked for it.


Well you know what they say: “Never fight a man with cauliflower ears

Josh Neer vs Internet Troll

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