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10 hugh hefner quotes to live by




Everybody in the universe has heard of Playboy Magazine. It’s an iconic brand the world over that was created by the original Dan Bilzerian – Hugh Marston Hefner.  Hugh founded the lifestyle brand in Chicago back in 1953. The story goes, Mr. Hefner funded the magazine in part by a $1,000 loan from his mother. That small investment turned into a life and style that men are still amazed with 50 years later. So what does the head of one of the sexiest brands  in the world have as advice for the average man? Thrill Blender took a look at ten Hugh Hefner quotes and tried to glean some knowledge that may help guide all men in the pursuit of happiness hedonism.


Bunny Girls


1: There are many roads to mecca.

Maybe all your boys want to become lawyers, doctors, actors, rappers (hopefully not). Don’t follow the herd, you can get your piece of the pie once you know what would make you happy. Shoot, a gym teacher in San Diego might be living the life with summers off. Find your path and walk it.




2: Beauty is everywhere — on the campus, in the office, living next door … Nice girls like sex too — it’s a natural part of life. Don’t be ashamed of it.

HUGH HEFNER, NPR interview, Sep. 6, 2003

To sum this up, we will just say – keep your eyes open. The girl of your dreams is out there and she may want to have sex with you, just as bad as you want to have sex with her. Ask and you shall receive (some time).




3: I remain very much connected to my childhood … I have never been too jaded or too sophisticated — it keeps me alive every day.


HUGH HEFNER, AskMen.com interview

Stay young at heart. Life is gonna hit you with everything it has to turn you into a calloused cantankerous adult. Fight it with every last bit of strength your inner child can muster. Once you lose that young guy inside you might as well start looking for a good burial plot.


Hugh Hefner


4: Publishing a sophisticated men’s magazine seemed to me the best possible way of fulfilling a dream I’d been nurturing ever since I was a teenager: to get laid a lot.


HUGH HEFNER, Playboy, Jan. 1974

When you have a dream. Make a plan of action to achieve that dream and then follow it. Even if your dream is to get laid, you still need a plan. Also, this quote is truth that Hugh should be running around shouting..




5: I’ve never thought of Playboy, quite frankly, as a sex magazine. I always thought of it as a lifestyle magazine in which sex was one important ingredient.



Life revolves around sex. That’s the only thing we take from this quote. Sex is awesome and needed – period. We love Hef but if there wasn’t erotic pictures in Playboy, then playboy wouldn’t be playboy..it would be mens health (not that anything is wrong with mens health but we like tatas). ** Edit we were wrong about this one**




6:  To begin with, I fought racism, then sexism, now I’m fighting ageism. One defines oneself in one’s own terms. If you let society and your peers define who you are, you’re the less for it.

HUGH HEFNER, Time Magazine, Jun. 6, 2011


Much like Sinatra, who did what he felt was right even if it wasn’t popular opinion; Hugh Hefner had a code. In the words of Omar Little “A man got to have a code”.




7:  I am a kid in the candy store. I dreamed impossible dreams. And the dreams turned out beyond anything I could possibly imagine. You know, from my point of view, I’m the luckiest cat on the planet.


HUGH HEFNER, Rita Cosby Live & Direct, Oct. 17, 2005

Don’t be afraid to dream and if you are going to dream – dream BIG. With a little luck and a lot of hard work your dreams may become reality.




8:  My best pick-up line is “My name is Hugh Hefner.”

HUGH HEFNER, Esquire, Jun. 2002


Confidence is contagious. Be confident in life because if you’re not a lion then you are probably a sheep. Passivity is for pussies.  Oh, and when you run a multimillion dollar company that women want to be a part of for fame and $$$$$, you don’t need a pick up line.


hugh hefner partying


9:  There were chunks of my life when I was married, and when I was married I never cheated. But I made up for it when I wasn’t married. You have to keep your hand in.


HUGH HEFNER, Esquire Online, Mar. 25, 2013

Sow your wild oats. In other words – go out and get laid (as much as humanly and safely possible ) but when you decide to be committed – commit fully.




10:  Age ain’t nothing but a number.

OK, he didn’t say that but at 89 years young Hugh Hefner is a living legend and a honorary Thrill Blender. Hef lived on his terms. Blending life, fun, success and happiness all in one. The result was a pretty damn thrilling life. Don’t you agree.

Salud hef..


Hugh Hefner looks back on life as a Playboy: