26 Year-Old Sells Virginity To Hollywood Star For $1.4 Million

student sells virginity to Hollywood Actor for 1.4 million


Jasmin is a beautiful 26 year-old student living in London who just sold her virginity online for a massive $1.2 million. The beauty says she wants the money to start her own business. Jasmin was shocked to learn that the winning bid went to “one of her favorite actors from Hollywood.” The unnamed man outbid a soccer star from Manchester United and a businessman from Munich.


student sells virginity for $1.4 million


Jasmin is set to seal the deal in Germany where the financial transaction is legal, in April. She told the DailyMail, “I am more nervous as a fan than about losing my virginity.” Jasmin’s last name and the name of the Hollywood star who won her virginity are being kept a secret by the organization that helped processes the sale.


student sells virginity for $104 million to hollywood star


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