38-Year-Old Woman Spends $800,000 To Marry 23-Year-Old Man

38-year-old woman marries 23-year-old man1



Move over sugar daddy, we have a sugar momma on our hands.  A wealthy 38-year-old mother of one is making waves online after marrying her 23-year-old trophy husband. The 15 year age difference caused serious problems with the young man’s family. But the bride – a wealthy real estate businesswoman knew how to ease their fears.  She gave them a dowry of 660,000 yuan (USD 104,273) in cash, a real estate lot, and a Ferrari sports car, altogether worth an estimated a 5,000,000 yuan (USD 789,950).  Needless to say his parents had a change of heart and immediately gave them their best wishes. You can see video of their wedding celebration below: