You may have never heard of these four unique products but once you do they will be burned into your mind forever. From some awesome lube to motivational tissue paper we have some creative gift ideas below. Check out the 4 unique products we stumbled upon today:

24 Carrot Cake

Hungry? Well how about trying a carrot cake that looks to expensive to eat. Fortunately it really isn’t that expensive to make but it does use  24 baby carrots in the ingredients. One look at the picture below and I know you will want some. Learn how to make it HERE.

24 Carrot Cake: The Most Expensive-Looking Cake

Motivational Tissues

Feeling down about a breakup or maybe you just lost your job. Let the tears fall but get a pick me up at the same time.  After many of his design ideas got rejected, Hugo Santos, a design student in Portugal, was inspired to create a small run of napkin boxes with motivational messages on them. The boxes are all labeled  “Don’t You Weep,” and each contain 20 motivational napkins. This was a pretty awesome idea.  source : Hugo Santos

tissue-napkin-box-inspirational-messages-dont-you-weep-hugo-santos-7 tissue-napkin-box-inspirational-messages-dont-you-weep-hugo-santos-4

Shower Jerk

Fellas you can thank me later for this one. Shower Jerk is a seriously innovative product that every man in the world can appreciate. It’s a water activated personal lubricant. It stays on. Stays slippery even in direct water.  I’m sold but check out their promo video below which does an excellent job of explaining the product (if you still don’t get it).  Source: Shower Jerk



Learn Anatomy With Dissected Knit Creatures

  Emily Stoneking has decided to make dissection cute and it works for us. Stoneking sells these knitted animals dissections on her aKNITomy etsy shop, where she has a load of other educational knit projects as well. This is one way to get the knowledge of anatomy without the ick factor of spilling a frogs guts all over the place. Check it out below.  Source: Etsy

knit-animal-dissection-anatomy-emily-stoneking-aknitomy-1 knit-animal-dissection-anatomy-emily-stoneking-aknitomy-16

These 4 products are all pretty cool and definitely not your average purchase. If you know of some others just email us contact@thrillblender.com.