By now we are all familiar with the selfie stick;  a monopod used to take selfie photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm. The following devices put the selfie stick to shame. Technology keeps on advancing and you have to love it BUT some of these are just downright silly. Check out these 5 funny new selfie gadgets below:

Selfie Hat


Taking vain to a crazy new level is the selfie hat. This interesting design was created by Acer for a london fashion week. The bright and sparkling pink hat has a tablet hanging off of it (specifically, Acer’s Iconia A1-840). I can only see one person in the world wearing this – Lady Gaga.  source

Selfie Toaster


Why just toast your bread when you can toast your face and eat it, sorta. A Vermont-based company called Burnt Impressions is making customizable toasters that burn an image into your toast. This will take your breakfast experience to a far more personal level. Who hasn’t wanted to eat their own face every morning?!? If you want a selfie toaster, you’ll need to send a high-resolution photo of your face to the company (plus $75). Burnt Impressions will then hook you up with a selfie toaster a week later you vain s.o.b 🙂 source

Selfie Brush


The selfie brush lol, yep you read that right. It’s an iPhone case with a sliver of a mirror on the front and a brush on the back. Who hasn’t been brushing their hair and thought; “Damn I wish this brush could take a picture”. Well for $20 you can now get that perfect shot (after you get your hair right of course). source

Selfie Mirror


iStrategyLabs wants to help you look your best in a selfie and they feel the best way to do that is by gazing at  your own reflection  in the mirror. So they have created  the “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine,” it uses a cabinet with a two-way mirror installed on a hinged door, much like a bathroom cabinet. Users see just a plain mirror, but opening the door reveals the technological innards that power the device.  To trigger the camera, users need only stand in front of it (using a specially-placed vinyl marker on the floor for guidance) and smile. A Mac mini powers the facial recognition software, which is linked to a webcam. This is not for your average selfie taker because this bad boy is an expert level selfie machine. source



Now this is cool and I could actually see myself using this selfie gadget. The GripSnap is a magnetic monopod that will stick to any metal surface and hold your device while you take a selfie, a time-lapse, or even a long exposure photograph. You can use it with  GoPros, iPhones, Android devices, and cameras and phones of all shapes and sizes, the GripSnap has a super strong magnetic base along with a flexible tube so that you can bend it to any position of your liking. Now you don’t have to ask that sketchy stranger in the trench coat to take a picture of you . source