5 Strange Inventions That Actually Exist!


  1. Emotion Controlled Cat Ears

Get these for that special cat lady in your life. Straight out of Japan (of course), you can now wear mechanical cat ears that measure brain waves and respond to the wearer’s mood. It’s unnecessary, crazy, but hella amusing.


2. Ostrich Pillow

Want to look like a weirdo in public? If so this Ostrich Pillow is for you. This project raised $ 130,000 on Kickstarter back in 2012, and it allows the wearer to escape the world by sticking his head into a fluffy hole. Funny, I haven’t seen anybody using one in public…because it’s ridiculous.


3. Dogbrella

At least this product is practical. The smell of wet dog is gross so this doggie umbrella helps to keep your pet dry on those rainy days.



4.  Pee Club


It’s the first golf club you can pee in and according to the makers – “it looks like your just checking out your club” 😂



5. Flask Tie

If you feel the need to purchase the Flask Tie you might have a drinking problem. But it’s a funny gag gift nonetheless.