7 Funniest Lines For Online Dating Messages

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Two Girls Laugh At Funny Online Dating Messages

More and more singles are turning to the Internet as they seek someone compatible for a relationship. The sheer convenience of being able to sign up to a date site like quickflirt, then browse through lists of potential partners is drawing in newcomers on a daily basis. These websites might introduce a pool of talent to your web browser, but you still need to be able to communicate effectively if you want to impress whoever’s at the other end. Silver-tongued charm and a terrific sense of humor are just as important as a good-looking profile photo. So here are seven of the funniest pick-up lines for your messages.


1. You must be a wizard? Whenever I think of you, everyone else disappears.


The secret of a funny pick up line is to blend cheesy, tongue-in-cheek impudence with more genuine emotion. By invoking a topical reference in this world of saturation by all things Harry Potter, you are going for empathy as well. And what’s wrong with telling her she’s at the center of your attention?

2. You look familiar? In fact, the more I think of it, you look like you could be my next partner.


This line might well sound as if it’s been used on many a previous occasion, but it will still resonate because it’s honest and down-to-earth. Here you’re admitting strong feelings but in quite a casual and informal way. Females love confident guys who can keep them entertained with fun conversation and pithy one-liners like this.


3. Did you just come away from a red carpet event?


In an era where there is widespread interest in TV boxsets and movies, what’s wrong with alluding to the person you want to impress having just arrived from a film set? Many individuals have adopted stars of the silver screen as role

models, whether that’s to do with aspects of their character, or their dress sense. Either way, your new partner will love the comparison.


4. I want to test my new SatNav. Can I have the directions to your heart?


Okay, another line which would score highly on the cheese scale, but one which is worth remembering for its up-to-date technological reference. If Cupid himself was to move with the times, he’d ditch that unreliable bow and arrow and opt for some kind of laser-activated homing device. As an aside, you’d also be sewing the subliminal message you have a decent-sized automobile with built-in navigation.


5. I wouldn’t like to face you in a boxing ring. You’d knock me out, every time.


This is an excellent pick-up line because you’re not only offering a compliment, you’re empowering your prospective partner. Rather than seeing them as some dainty girl requiring to be wooed with bunches of flowers and poetry, you are describing her as feisty; someone you’d never want to get on the wrong side of.

6. You must hail from the Southern States. You’re the most obvious ten-I-see.

Girls Laughing at pickup lines

Okay, this one isn’t so much off the cheese scale as heading towards a whole new universe of cheese at light speed. But it’s also funny and clever. Let’s face it, the Southern States have a chequered past, what with the civil war and civil rights, but you’re introducing the right element of flippancy and fun – ideal building blocks for romance.


7. If you were a country you’d be somewhere on the equator. Because you are hot.

Direct and to-the-point. Every female loves a strong compliment, and if you can manage to engineer a seductive and saucy quip without sounding overly

forward, you’ll have your potential partner hanging on your every word, wondering what poetry is going to come from your lips next.