Dinosaur Alert: Massive 770-Pound Crocodile Captured Near Aussie Tourist Spot

770 pound crocodile captured

Australian authorities trapped a 770-pound, 14-foot saltwater crocodile last Friday. The giant croc was found in the Flora River in the small town of Katharine in the Northern Territory Down Under, according to the Associated Press. The area is a popular tourist destination.

Aussie rangers believe it’s the largest crocodile caught in the Flora River in at least five years, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

massive croc
“You’ve certainly got to respect him for what he is, and he’s in good condition, too,” ranger John Burke told ABC.

770 pound crocodile captured

The captured croc will now join a breeding program, CNN reported. Crocodiles in Australia have made a comeback since they were designated as a protected species in the 1970s, and there are now about 100,000 saltwater crocs in the Northern Territory.

We could sure use Steve Irwin right now.