Midtown’s Billionaires’ Row might have a new Skyscraper

The 4th city for the most super rich is looking to build a new skyscraper to house the fortunate members of the one percent. Billionaires row is a new area in New York City for the wealthiest of the Big Apple. If you ever have ever imagined what an ivory tower for the ultra privileged would look like – this is it. Mark Foster Gage submitted his proposal for 41 W. 57th Street and it’s as extravagant as you’re going to get. The residential building is a 102-story  tower with gold ornaments that is fit for a Roman emperor. I don’t know if I should puke or applaud this opulent display of superiority. It’s definitely interesting to look at but I should probably go back to worrying about how I’m going to pay my rent this month.