A Theory To Explain Everything? ಠ_ಠ


Theory of Everything


Is a theory of everything really possible? What makes us think it even exists? If we look at historical precedent, we can see that we have united seemingly completely unrelated forces and particles to a more basic set of principles. For example, celestial gravity and terrestrial gravity was united by Isaac Newton. Electricity and Magnetism were united by James Clerk Maxwell. All atoms are now known to be made of the same quarks and electrons.


If a child asks you “why is the sky blue?” – The answer you might give him is because blue light scatters more in the air than other colors, and you see the more scattered color. What if he kept asking why? “Why does blue light scatter more?” and why? again and again. Eventually, you would not have an answer. A theory of everything would allow us to answer all why questions. What would a theory of everything look like? At a minimum, it should provide a theoretical basis for at least two things – a fundamental building block or particle and a fundamental force.