These Protesters Aren’t Lethal Weapon Fans. Actor Danny Glover Screamed At During Airbnb Rally!

Danny Glover found out the hard way that protesters from the state Hotel and Motel Trades Council are NOT big Lethal Weapon fans.


The veteran “Lethal Weapon” actor was shouted down by a group of hotel industry activists while headlining a pro-Airbnb rally at the state Capitol Tuesday morning.

Glover, 71, is a paid “advisor” to the home-sharing site.


“I understand Mr. Glover is wealthy and famous and companies ask him for endorsements all the time,” Hotel and Motel Trades Council member Tyrone Connell said in a statement released later by the union. “But in this case, he’s working for Airbnb whose business is built on taking away affordable housing and displacing tenants, especially for low-income people of color.”


Where is Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) when you need him?




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