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I have had the pleasure of meeting some really cool people in my life and Amit Roy is one such individual. I actually bumped into him at Mid-City Gym in New York and was struck by his extreme discipline. Everytime I saw the guy, he was shoving food in his face and working out. Not at the same time of course. When I found out he competes professionally I wanted to take a minute and chat with him. What makes a man want to put their body through torture for a couple of minutes on a stage? Plus what advice would he give to us average joes. Let’s find out and dig into his background a little:

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  • Amit where are you from originally and give me a little background on your upbringing?

Im originally from Delhi India born and raised there. I came from a non sporting family both my parents worked hard I was very shy as a child and not involved in sports as a child, I was the kid to get picked on many times.

  • What Age Did You Start Working Out?

I started working out at 17.

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  • What motivated you to start working out?

I used to watch movies of  Arnold Schwarzenegger, I thought wow he is impressive! also being shy and being picked on and hearing my family talk about how strong he was when we watched his movies, I thought why can’t I get that way? I want to be strong like Arnold lol I wanted to be seen as a strong person not a shy whimpy kid.

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  •  Give us 3 pieces of advice we need to become a beast in the gym:

The advice I would give to someone wanting to make physical changes is first maintain a balanced diet.  This will start to shape up your body.

Then learn the proper form of exercises that will coincide  with your body shape, which means being at the gym on a consistent basis.

Stay focused and never give up on yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to do!

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  •  What do you want to accomplish in the sport of bodybuilding?

My goal is to become  Mr. Olympia with a classic aesthetic physique, and to become a role model for those who think the impossible cannot be achieved.

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  • What is the most stressful part of being a competitive bodybuilder?

The most stressful part of being a competitive bodybuilder is maintaining strict adherence to diet to achieve your shape. Saying NO a lot to family and friends who offer you delicious foods when you have to prep your body for a competition. When you have to stay home and sleep to recoup from the exercises you put yourself thru on a daily basis, so that means no late nights with friends and activities, it  just revolves around the gym it can be a bit lonely as well. Your energy levels get low and you still have to push to the max  to reach your goals.

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  •  How much do you currently weigh?

I weigh 174lbs currently.

  •  Who are some people you look up to in the sport.

I admire Lee Labrada, Shawn Ray, Ronnie Coleman and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger and my mentor and trainer Justin Miller.

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  •  How is bodybuilding perceived in India?

Bodybuilding in India is gaining more popularity. Many are changing their lifestyles from non activity and no sports to getting physically Fit and are becoming healthier as they have to embrace the fit and healthier lifestyle.

  •  Are good genes  extremely important to succeed in bodybuilding or is that a myth?

Genes do matter, as you cannot change your bone structure and frame, but you can change your shape doing hard work, there is a difference. Those with better genetics who do hard work at the same time, will get faster results.

  •  What is your belief on supplements?

Supplements are something you need to understand how to use when training yourself, you must know when you workout, you are breaking down the muscles, and to recover and repair that muscle you need  a right amount of protein, carbs and fats. So this is where knowledge comes in on what to take to get the results your trying to achieve.

  •  When is your next upcoming competition.

The next competition will be the Eastern USA on October 31, 2015, in Teaneck NJ in the Marriott Hotel.

  •  Is it hard to make a living in bodybuilding and what do you do to supplement your income?

Yes it can be hard to make a living as an Amateur Bodybuilder, in the states, but once you become a Pro Bodybuilder, you will get a sponsorship from big companies and you will also make money from competitions you win. Currently I take on personal clients to supplement my income.

  •  How can someone get in contact with you for training?

My contact email is  My Facebook: mramit.roy.9

  •  Is there anything you would like to add bro…

I would like to thank a special mentor of mine and coach who believed in me from the US when I was living in India, as we corresponded back and forth thru Facebook , Mr. Justin Miller. He has help me achieve my goals further and given me expert advice thru my journey here in the US. I definitely have grown wiser in line with the guidance he has provided me with, to learn this sport better and to achieve my goals.

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Keep Killing it and good luck my man.