Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number For Tony Hawk. He Lands His First 720 in 3 Years at 52-Years-Old!

Tony Hawk is a legend and he just doubled down on his legendary status by landing his first 720 in over 3 years. On Social Media he stated:

“I recently made a 720 and it was a battle. The last one I made was over three years ago, which sent me flying through the center of my ramp and into a pole midair; it didn’t instill confidence for further attempts. And they are much harder now all things considered: recently dislocated fingers hinder my Weddle grab, my spin is slower than it used to be so getting around fully requires more speed and… I’m really old.

I can’t say for certain that this is the last one I’ll ever do, but I can’t imagine doing many more in the future. So I’m donating this board to raise money for public skateparks.”

Let’s give this man a standing O!