Airline Passenger Berates Her “Fat Seatmates” During Flight

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United Airlines passenger was caught on video loudly complaining about her seatmates, whom she called “so big.” (Photo: Facebook) A woman, who claimed to “eat salad” (twice, within four minutes and 32 seconds), was captured verbally shaming her seatmates on a United Airlines flight in a viral video. The video, shared last week on Facebook, showed a female passenger sitting in the middle seat of a United flight and saying to a person on her phone that her seatmates were “so big.” “Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I’m going to do this the next four hours. This is just impossible because they’re squishing me,” she said in the video, adding, “At least they’ll keep me warm.” The woman, after hanging up her phone, tells, presumably, a flight attendant to find her a window seat and “get me out of here. I can’t do this,” when the woman next to her finally speaks up. “Excuse me, can you find her another seat?” the woman recording the video says to the flight attendant. “Because I will not be verbally abused by this b**** or anybody else.”