Angry Deer Seeks Revenge On SUV Driver Who Hit It!

Angry Deer VS SUV DriverAngry Deer Seeks Revenge On SUV Driver Who Hit It!

A woman’s bizarre encounter with an angry deer was caught on a Howell police officer’s dash camera. Apparently the deer involved is truly living the thug life. Ellen Sager struck the deer while driving  her 2008 GMC Envoy. As she pulled over to check on damage the same deer ran back across the road and tried to enter the SUV after Sager opened the driver’s side door

“It was mad, real mad,” Sager said of the deer in an interview with News 12. “It happened so fast. I just grabbed a handful of antlers and tried to keep it from killing me.”

Sager walked away from the encounter with a minor injury to her knee. The deer, however, died as a result of the impact with the car. The deer definitely went out like a real OG.