Author Eats Mushrooms Sprouting From His Book About Mushrooms

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It doesn’t get any more meta than eating mushrooms from a book about mushrooms. It may sound gross but top biologist Merlin Sheldrake is about that shroom life. Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, and Shape Our Future is an intriguing book on the  various fungi that’s available on Amazon. Sheldrake understands marketing so he allowed a copy of his book to become encompassed by mushrooms and he eats them to drum up press.

The book was soaked in boiling water. The fungus was introduced to the book in the form of myceliated grain and placed in a sealed plastic bag in the dark. After a couple of weeks, when the mycelium had grown, I removed the bag, placed the book in the light, and kept it moist with a water spritzer while it fruited over the course of about five days. Many thanks to my friends at who inoculated and incubated the books. Find out more about Entangled Life at