Award For Freakiest Mask Ever Goes To These Japanese Designers


A mask shop in Japan creates creepy hyper-realistic face masks designed from real people’s images. Tokyo-based company Kamenya Omoto ‘buys’ people’s faces for 40,000 yen to copy and turn into a mask. Their graphic designers use photos and 3D data of the chosen face before they create the masks by hand for several hours. The company dubbed the project ‘That Face’ and currently accepts face applicants from Tokyo who are at least 20-years-old. The face owner will receive a portion of the profit if it becomes popular, but they are not allowed to disclose their identities.

Kamenya Omoto said that they have overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to sell their faces, so they are not choosing them from a hat. Customers can pre-order the realistic mask bearing the shopkeeper’s face for 98,000 yen, but it said they will start launching more face options soon. Kamenya Omoto said in a statement: ”We will buy and sell your faces. A science-fiction story has now become reality. No one yet knows what will happen to a world full of the same faces as you.” Aside from realistic face masks, they also sell other handmade masks traditionally used in theatre, festivals or rituals. The masks usually depict folk myths and tales representing people, creatures, demons, ghosts, and animals.