If you enjoy an occasional spirit or two then this post will be right up your alley. Let’s put some of that drinking paraphernalia to good use with these awesome drinking hacks. Life hacks are all the rage online, and some are pretty cool but most of the time they don’t apply to me or my crew. We do however drink and drink alot, so these drinking hacks really peaked our interest. A life hack refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. For drinkers these hacks will probably just make drinking fun since you can have an excuse for drinking, you’re being creative. Check them all out below:

Door Mats? Why not use those corks & bottle tops.

image-nDWu2PTd image-O83T3kqX

Just collect all the corks and line up in a box and glue them side by side

Why not create a glass from a beer bottle?


Just tie the area where you want your bottle be cut, burn the rope and soak it in ice water. Voila cool drinking glass.

This is an awesome gift for a whiskey drinker. The Whiskey bouquet!


Dope Rainbow Flavored Vodka


To create this trippy looking vodka just drop some skittles  inside your vodka and let it stay overnight to infuse the color and taste.

Bottle Cap Poker Chips


This is a simple one to pull off. Grab your hammer and drink a sh*t ton of beer. Then pound away until you flatten all the tops. Just don’t smash your fingers.

Awesome Wall Art


Put those wine corks to good use. First you have to drink a ton of wine but it’s for a purpose at least.

Make your own strainer!


Just grab some old jar covers and punch them with holes.

Boom  now you have some more reasons to drink; it’s feeding your creative ability. Go out booze up and create 🙂