AWESOME: Scalevo – The Stairclimbing Wheelchair

Scalevo – The Stairclimbing Wheelchair

Scalevo - The Stairclimbing Wheelchair

This is awesome. When people use technology to help the lives of others they should always be applauded.


One year ago a fellow student and I were drinking and he was drawing weird wheelchairs.  Now he posted this on facebook and I just can’t stop to admire it, it is so amazing. He and 9 other students set out to build it, started it as a Bachelor project and now there is this prototype. This wheelchair is climbing the stairs to our university’s canteen.  Another amazing fact: It balances on two wheels during horizontal motion! He told me they are thinking about making it an autonomous vehicle, so you can call it to wherever you need it as well!


The scalevo wheelchair is a student project started in Summer 2014 at ETH Zürich. #ETHZ  The wheelchair is electric powered and balances on two wheels while driving on even ground. To climb stairs or overcome bigger obstacles a set of tracks can be lowered dynamically to keep the user level at all times. The speed in the video can be increased in further iterations. You can get more info HERE but first check out the video below: