Bathroom Made Entirely Of Pure Belgian Chocolate


It will only cost you  $133,000, but you can finally make your dreams a reality. Time to have your own bathroom made entirely out of pure Belgian chocolate. It’s over 110 lbs. of chocolate shaped into a toilet, bathtub, sink, basically everything in a bathroom! Why would someone want to do this? It’s chocolate and that makes people do all types of crazy things.  This concept was created by Ian monk  of  The idea came about because of a funny common mishap; many people run Google searches for “bathroom suites.” However, they somtime misspell the phrase as “bathroom sweets.”  Monk jumped on that mistake and put together a team of dedicated artists and chocolatiers over at Choccywoccydoodah to turn a mistake into a chocolate lovers dream.  Check out some of the pictures:

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See more about this bathroom set on the project’s website, Bathroom Sweets.