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Welcome back dudes and dudettes. I hope your Christmas was a merry one filled with lots of egg nog and gifts. We tried to clean up the site a little for the New Year to reinvigorate ourself. We hope you like the change. 2015 has been an interesting ride and it’s coming to a close. 2016 we plan on upping the ante and providing you guys with more of the sh*t you love. Quality entertainment no fluff. Now sit back relax and enjoy the scroll..

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Shhh their sleeping.

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I like 100% honesty from my beer.

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The most generic name ever.picdump (22)picdump (21)

Someone didn’t think this all the way through.picdump (20)

Me every morning.picdump (19)

Sneaky sneaky.picdump (18)picdump (17)picdump (16)picdump (11)picdump (12)

Already preparing for next year.picdump (9)
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You can never have enough ways to say bro.picdump (15)
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One of the best scenes on the office.picdump (5)picdump (4)picdump (4)picdump (3)

We know what his New Year resolution will be.picdump (3)picdump (8)

Seems Legit.picdump (7)picdump (2)

Don’t you wish.picdump (2)picdump (1)picdump (1)

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