funny shit (23)

Just one of those days. Another day here on Thrill Blender and we have more weird, awesome, and wtf pictures below. Enjoy the scroll while I go fill my tub up with Lucky Charms.  I want to feel magically delicious.

funny shit (30)funny shit (29)

I like this guy. We have a very similar thought process.

funny shit (28)

He is certain his bone is here somewhere.funny shit (27)

This kid is going places. funny shit (26)

funny shit (25)


funny shit (24)funny shit (22)

He was so happy to be invited.

funny shit (21)

You don’t say.

funny shit (20)funny shit (19)funny shit (18)funny shit (17)funny shit (16)funny shit (15)funny shit (14)

So fancy.

funny shit (13)funny shit (12)

That’s a leaf.

funny shit (11)

The more you know.

funny shit (10)funny shit (9)

See the full story.

funny shit (8)

A for effort.

funny shit (7)funny shit (6)

It’s gonna be hot out today.

funny shit (5)

It just got really hot right now.

funny shit (4)

I wonder what Dave did?

funny shit (3)

She really, really, really likes Blake Shelton.

funny shit (2)funny shit (2)

My favorite pisser.funny shit (2)

Don’t try and keep Thrill Blender out..ever.

funny shit (1)

funny shit (1)

Did we go too far..funny shit (1)

Have a kick ass day mates.