funny shit (13)

Uh yeah no.

Wikipedia is whispering to me

I think Wikipedia  is trying to tell me something?I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.

The moment we have all waited for.funny shit (28)funny shit (27)

When a bulldog interrupts your photo shoot.funny shit (26)

friendly psafunny shit (25)

The hulkster after his gawker win.funny shit (24)funny shit (23)funny shit (22)
funny shit (21)

The janitors pimp hand is strong.funny shit (20)

The Batman equation.funny shit (19)

funny shit (18)funny shit (17)
funny shit (16)
funny shit (15)funny shit (12)

funny shit (6)funny shit (7)
funny shit (4)funny shit (5)funny shit (2)funny shit (3)

Hollywood funny shit (11)

“Had A Blast”funny shit (10)funny shit (9)

Always pack your googly eyes.funny shit (8)funny shit (4)funny shit (3)funny shit (2)funny shit (1)

Well that escalated rather quickly.funny shit (1)

nailed it. and I leave you with this angry chicken. Just because…angry chicken

Have a great one fellas. Catch you tomorrow.