Almost Friday. That is pretty much all I can think of right now…it’s almost FRIDAY!!!!!! Enjoy the dump fellas and eat a taco today.  Just because you can.

Who thought purple ketchup was a good idea

Who thought purple ketchup was a good idea what-do-you-do-600x939
Violence I can get behind

Violence I can get behind UPS didn’t want anyone to see that I had received a package

When UPS tries to hide a package tumblr_o72666jjBQ1rle9u4o1_1280

I love all of this. tumblr_o71zxcMyhp1rle9u4o1_1280tumblr_o71z1ifo0p1rhpn4yo1_500


The force is definitely not as strong as it once wastumblr_o71w9p3OzN1rhpn4yo1_500tumblr_o71tfzK92h1rhpn4yo1_500

well played shoppertumblr_o71co3xSac1rhpn4yo1_500

Rick & Morty is the besttumblr_o71cnvWKn61rhpn4yo1_500

So much loot and no idea what to do with ittumblr_o70qh8URMw1rle9u4o1_1280

New burgers at McDonalds are apparently THAT good

New burgers at McDonalds are apparently THAT good morning_picdump_946_640_high_22

Whatever works I guessmorning_picdump_946_640_high_02morning_picdump_946_640_50

this is why you always stretch before a gamemorning_picdump_946_640_37

I shall name him Sir Fapsmorning_picdump_946_640_31morning_picdump_946_640_27

Statue makers are running out of ideasmorning_picdump_946_640_08

This kid is Chill AFmorning_picdump_946_640_01

fashion is starting to go over my headin-case-your-having-a-bad-dayfunnyeverything-but-the-rabbit-hole

The rabbit hole always costs extraBe like Sanic

Be like “Sanic” today ?

Carpe Diem