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The Infamous Funny Picture Dump


Damn, I would hate to see what he looked like before? Another day, another funny picture dump. Let’s get this show on the road:


I had to do a double take on this oneWhy not just ride a bike to work then

So why not just bike to f**king work??unhappy parent

When you piss your parents offtwerk tumblr_o7dbkeCtAa1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o7cjz7JuhA1rle9u4o1_500
tumblr_o7d8swm7F91rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o7d2j9KixW1rhpn4yo1_500

Vegans I hope you are proud of yourself.

Look I’m a Hoomanwind

trouble?tumblr_o7cxuwaHEP1rle9u4o1_540 tumblr_o7cec7pKLI1rhpn4yo1_500

I guess somebody quit today.tumblr_o7c8d8ApX11rle9u4o1_500 fact dfsdf dat engine

Damn, look at dat engine. Oh and happy hump day.tumblr_o7c0kxAJRj1rle9u4o1_540 tumblr_nmne73Mc9P1tbbapgo1_500

Just in case I forgettumblr_o7cghxXfcS1rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_o7cs5902Dx1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o7cu7kZYBR1rhpn4yo1_500

“Adios Hippos!”tumblr_o7cu7mnwUF1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o7cec6UALV1rhpn4yo1_500 pew in a pyramid scheme but she doesn’t believe me. So I asked her to draw how the business works…

When you are explaining to someone they are in a pyramid scheme but they don’t believe you. Just have them draw how the business works…



she can’t handle the snaketumblr_o7c1fl0Yd21rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_o7ch7dwY3O1rle9u4o1_1280 tumblr_o7cxom2g0T1rhpn4yo1_500

poor ad placement ya think. tumblr_o7cec5MJLH1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o7cb83090S1rhpn4yo1_500


Carpe Diem fellas!