That about sums up my philosophy on life at this point. God I have a brutal hangover today. Enjoy the dump fellas.. I gotta go purge my system..ugh.

lols (4)

Crazy Kids
lols (2)Little guy is owning that pose
lols (1) The most miserable donut everlols (3) 26 tumblr_o9sqs2gp2m1rhpn4yo1_500 tumblr_o9sto5YWFb1rhpn4yo1_500 Mistakes Happen29She just wouldn’t sit still. Sorry not sorry.
28 30 Fashion scares metumblr_o9szg4SNuS1rhpn4yo1_500 ???31 11

Good Morning

27 25 They will get it sooner or later.23 24 21I have no idea what’s going on here.
19 20Can you believe the f*cking size of these things?!?
18 17 Nailed it15 16Bored AF
10 148 Head in HandsSMH
7 paparazzi scarf that ruins flash photos Cool  paparazzi scarf that ruins flash photos6 Hahah ha aghhhhhhhhhhh ??5
22 It’s never to early for pizza13 12 4 2 1 soo hungover

That is an accurate representation of me IRL. I definitely need to detox this week. Catch you mañana, if I can pry my head away from the toilet.

Carpe Diem