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It’s Humpday boy and gals. The week is almost over and it’s time to start preparing your liver. So make sure you drink a ton of water. Now on to the show…

funny pictures xxx(4) Good Morningfunny pictures (19) Not a single f*ck was givenfunny pictures (16)When balloons become a tool for your dirty mind.funny pictures (23) Oopsfunny pictures (14) Happy Hump Dayfunny pictures (22)I bet that’s his girl
funny pictures (25) funny pictures (21) “Whippet good”funny pictures (20) Well Played Burger Kingfunny pictures (17) In NYC like  ⬆funny pictures (15) funny pictures (8) Shaq is a fool ?funny pictures (7) funny pictures (10) This guyfunny pictures (24) Yes pleasefunny pictures (13) Sure you are.funny pictures (5) funny pictures (6)funny pictures (12)Just stop here and stare for a couple of minutes.funny pictures (3) funny pictures (11) Did we mention it’s HUMP DAY!funny pictures (4) funny pictures (2)funny pictures (1) a fungus known as “dead man’s fingers” a fungus known as “dead man’s fingers”tumblr_nwfpdyc4sS1thfi6ro1_400 Accurate depiction of me on Friday
funny pictures (18)Who doesn’t love college girls?

Ok gents it’s been fun but I gotta attempt to get my grown man on. Enjoy the day..

Carpe Diem